New quilt and getting another done for unique wedding…





So, I finally finished my Christmas gift to my daughter Andee. It is the largest quilt I have ever done, a King size 100 X 110″! I am really proud of it. She loves dogs and she loves blue so this is the perfect combination, and there are just a ton of little squares of dog pictures on the quilt. The thing you can’t see is that I sent it out for quilting because it is so big… The quilting is an overall dog pawprint. Fun!!!

Almost done with another quilt. Just finishing the binding. Thought I might try to put it up for sale, but guess what??? My cousin who was very close to us when we were kids has a daughter getting married in April. So, I have the perfect wedding gift done just in time! She is getting married in a brewery in Fort Worth no less. And the only decoration on her wedding invitation was two lizards. I would love to go, sounds like a unique and interesting and very special wedding. Everyone should have a wedding that is their own and I am glad they are doing just that. If I had a bit of extra money, even the pain wouldn’t stop me!

Well, onward and upward. Need to get working. Have a couple of quilts I absolutely need to get done in the near future. Haven’t started one….. Kay


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