New quilt and getting another done for unique wedding…





So, I finally finished my Christmas gift to my daughter Andee. It is the largest quilt I have ever done, a King size 100 X 110″! I am really proud of it. She loves dogs and she loves blue so this is the perfect combination, and there are just a ton of little squares of dog pictures on the quilt. The thing you can’t see is that I sent it out for quilting because it is so big… The quilting is an overall dog pawprint. Fun!!!

Almost done with another quilt. Just finishing the binding. Thought I might try to put it up for sale, but guess what??? My cousin who was very close to us when we were kids has a daughter getting married in April. So, I have the perfect wedding gift done just in time! She is getting married in a brewery in Fort Worth no less. And the only decoration on her wedding invitation was two lizards. I would love to go, sounds like a unique and interesting and very special wedding. Everyone should have a wedding that is their own and I am glad they are doing just that. If I had a bit of extra money, even the pain wouldn’t stop me!

Well, onward and upward. Need to get working. Have a couple of quilts I absolutely need to get done in the near future. Haven’t started one….. Kay

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My Angel was there

My Angel was there

Car crash, 1/2/13. My angel was there.

I would like to find the man who bravely stood outside my car and called the ambulance and gave me encouragement waiting for help to arrive. As I lay prone on my back with my seat folded to the back seat, I could not move much at all. The car had been rear ended and the smell of leaking gas was everywhere. And still he stayed because he said he could not leave me alone, he would be there for me until help arrived.

This man is my angel and I would love to be able to thank him now. God sends us angels when we need them most and he was the perfect angel. If you read this and know who he is, please leave me a comment. I want to talk to him and tell him how wonderful the gift was that he gave me.

More about angels in a later post!

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